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Portable Appliance Testing is the accepted and agreed method by which companies can be sure they are meeting Health and Safety requirements placed upon them by law with regard to the use, re-selling or repair of electrical equipment in the work place.

It is applicable to everyone and it applies to all equipment with a plug regardless of size or installation.

The PAT engineer will normally carry out a range of checks beginning with a visual inspection and finishing with a fully automated electrical test utilising dedicated equipment. This range of tests will cover:

  • Preliminary visual inspection
  • Earth continuity tests
  • Insulation (or earth leakage) tests
  • Functional checks.

The actual specifics of a test can vary and will be dependent on the type of appliance being tested. Each appliance will be allocated an identification number with a pass or fail label attached accordingly. All relevant certification and reports will be forwarded to your Company.

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